Kalli again!

20130625_193535Well folks, here we have Kalli again! This time she was getting ready to go do some belly dancing, but not before filling that belly with a bit of pizza!

Kalli is an accomplished belly dancer, and spends a lot of time practicing her craft. It shows, too! Her performance this evening was perfectly in time with those leading the dance, to the point where she was sometimes performing moves prior to the leader’s actions!

I do have to apologize to Kalli for one thing, however. When I walked into the place where she was going to perform, I sat down and took a picture of the girl that was sitting next to her boyfriend, not realizing that it was not actually Kalli! It turned out to be her cousin instead!

You have to admit, the two do look somewhat alike!



Here’s Kalli!

OK… our first Hot Pizza Chick is Kalli, and she is really the reason for this site in the first place… at one point someone (I won’t mention names) said, and I quote, “Oooh, is it hotpizzachick.com? Because that’s something people will tune into. If only to find out whether you’re a hot chick who likes pizza, or just a chick who likes hot pizza….

Her first response to this was that, and I quote again, “Oh I am so happy that’s not a real website

This was just begging for a site to be created, and thus here we have it!